Shipping Policy

All items won at auction through BiG, will be shipped directly to you from the Partner Company who hosted the auction. Please visit their website to view shipping policies, or contact them directly by email or phone if you have more questions.

**Items shipped internationally, may be subject to customs fees at your border. Please look into local customs regulations in your area to find out what fees may apply**


Returns Policy

All items sold by Partner Companies through BiG auction are NEW (unless otherwise specified at auction). If a product does not meet your satisfaction, for whatever reason. Please refer to the return policies on the website of the Partner Company who hosted the auction for more information. Or contact them directly by email or phone.

At BiG, we are dedicated to providing a first class experience for our users. If a partner company does not deliver a product that meets your satisfaction, or does not fulfill their obligations in a respectful manor, please contact us directly to let us know. We have a strict code of conduct for Partner Brands that they must meet and maintain their Partner status.