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Brand Name: American Putter Company

Established: 2018

Location: United States of America

Product Specialties: Custom Putters and APC Putters, Custom and APC Accessories. Divot Tools, Ball Markers, Headcovers, Soft Gear (Apparel and other) including Ladies Gear.

Website: AmericanPutterCompany.com

Hashtag: #AmericanPutterCompany #APC #APCGOLF #FourThePeople

Social: Instagram: @AmericanPutterCompany / Twitter: @American_Putter / Facebook: American Putter Company

About: American Putter Company was founded to give the modern golfer what they want. A high end, custom putter and golf gear for an affordable price. Not only do we offer custom putters, but custom ball markers, custom headcovers, and custom divot tools.







Round 4 Putters - 3D Printed Putters

Brand Name: Round 4 Putters

Established: 2013

Location: Pompano Beach, FL

Product Specialties: Milled and 3D Printed Putters

Website: Round4Putters.com

Hashtag: #round4putters

Social: Instagram: @round4putters / Twitter: @round4putters / Facebook: Round4Putters

About: Round 4 Putters’ mission is to make the world’s best putters through innovation, design, and craftsmanship. Our new 3DP Design line of 3D printed putters represents a new era in putter design. We are pioneering new applications of this technology to create shapes and geometries that are impossible to manufacture with traditional techniques. This allows us to radically redistribute weight within the putter head and massively increase MOI and forgiveness. Moreover, 3D printing technology opens up possibilities for customization that milled putter companies can only dream of.









Brand Name: Ricky Johnson Custom Putters

Established: 2014

Location: Magnolia, TX

Product Specialties: Combining meticulous precision, the finest materials, and incredible attention to detail we have created a one-of-a-kind putting experience that will not only take you to the course in style but will also do wonders for your putting game. We guarantee, with every putter we create, remarkable craftsmanship and quality you just can’t replicate in mass production.

Social: Twitter: @rjcustomputter / Instagram: @rickyjohnsonputters / Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rickyjohnsonputters

Hashtag: #RJCP

Website: rickyjohnsonputters.com

About: Our putters have a unique face that incorporates the perfect combination of loft and geometry. Engineered to set the ball on a roll immediately at impact, we call this technology GameFace. With the heavier weight of our putter heads and the higher MOI, our putters give you greater distance and directional control. Recently we’ve added a few new faces to our line of putters to give the player a more traditional feel. Our Players Series and our Magnolia Series

Crafted Using Only the Finest Materials Each putter we build is milled from billet stock of the finest American made materials. All work takes place in our fully equipped machine shop located in Magnolia, Texas. We’re proud of the fact all of our putters and the material used comes from the USA. All of our putters come fitted with premium grips and shafts in our state of the art, climate-controlled club assembly room. Putters can be customized and engraved to your unique specifications, and are put through an extensive quality control program to ensure the highest standards.



Strokes Gained Putters Logo

Brand Name: Strokes Gained Customs

Established: 2013

Location: Valdosta, GA

Product Specialties: Strokes Gained specializes in custom, handcrafted putters, made in America with all materials also sourced in the USA. Dedicated to American craftsmanship, each putter is unique and made for the golfer’s desired look, feel and fit to their putting stroke.

Website: strokesgained.com

Hashtag: #strokesgained

Social: Instagram: @strokesgainedcustoms / Facebook: /strokesgainedcustoms

About: Most pioneers blaze a brand new trail, but Strokes Gained set out to refine the pathways long forgotten in an industry where no one bats an eye at overseas outsourcing and mass production. We’ve dedicated our journey to revitalizing the American Craftsman in a sport dominated by those doing just the opposite.










Brand Name: MannKrafted Kustom Putters

Established: 1998

Location: Fountain Hills, AZ

Product Specialties: I specialize in putters made the old school way, as well as utilizing methods of current CNC processes. HandMade putters and customizing putters was how I learned/built my knowledge of the putter craft. Also, I create custom items for clubs or individuals that larger manufactures are unable or unwilling to do. Branching into soft goods such as covers, ball markers and tools are just scratching the surface of what is to come.

Website: mannkrafted.com

Hashtag: #mannmade

Social: Instagram: @mannkrafted / Twitter: @mannkrafted / Facebook: MannKrafted Kustom Putters

About your Brand: MannKrafted and MannMade were developed over the past 20+ years as the brand that brings the classic methods into the current putter world. I have made crafting hand milled putters on a Bridgeport, my preferred method of showing my skills. That said, I am also fortunate enough to have 3-4 designs done as CNC base heads that can be customized more in my shop that any of the OEM’s and many of the smaller makers. Hand-stamping, custom shaping and getting looks on steel that others are not willing to do, seems to have been my niche. Staying smaller means that every putter that bears the MannKrafted or MannMade stamping, has been created in my hands and is truly one of a kind.


MannKrafted/MannMade- I do things the old school way and produce modern putters that are among the best in the world.




Geom Putters Canada

Brand Name: Geom Putters

Established: 2018

Location: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Product Specialties: CNC + Hand milled putters crafted exactly to player specifications.

Website: GeomPutters.com

Hashtag: #geomputters

Social: Instagram: @GeomPutters

About your Brand: This is a new geometry in putting. We are giving the power back to the player. You decide what you’d like your putter to look, feel, and play like. Work directly with the craftsmen shaping your putter and get a putter that no one else on the planet can get.




Royalty Sports - Custom Putters & Wedges

Brand Name: Royalty Sports International

Established: October 2016

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Product Specialties: Quality Materials, Quality Craftsmanship, Quality Design. Our design team and foundry have over 60 years of experience working with the biggest manufacturers in the Golf Industry. We’re not reinventing the wheel. We’re creating functional art that will hopefully be in the hands of the best players on the planet in the near future.

Social: Instagram @royaltysports1

Website: royaltysports.com

About: Royalty Sports International was founded by Bobby Bradley in 2016. Bobby was a 1st Round Draft Pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1999 out of Wellington High School in West Palm Beach, FL. After retiring in 2006 from nerve damage in his pitching hand, Bradley entered the sport of Long Drive. Since 2007, the South Floridian has competed in 12 consecutive World Long Drive Championships while entertaining and fundraising at 1000 corporate/charity outings. In 2012, Bradley founded Charity Golf International then sold the business in April of 2017 after the company participated at 3300 charity golf events across North America. While owning CGI, Bradley started making premium putters as a special giveaway at charity golf events to patrons making generous donations to a foundations mission. Now Royalty is making the necessary modifications to the premium putters and wedges to cater to the custom club fitting market.




Brand Name: OLSON MFG.

Established: 2018

Location: Fortuna, California

Product Specialties: OLSON MFG. Specialized in hand crafted and milled putters designed and created entirely in house.

Website: olson-mfg.com

Hashtag: #olsonmanufacturing

Social: Instagram:@lolson6259 / Facebook: OLSON MFG

About: At OLSON MFG. all aspects from the initial design process, through the execution of crafting a finished putter are entirely routed through one set of hands. This allows every detail along the way to be monitored and controlled so that the final product leaving the shop is of the highest quality we can provide. We take pride in the fact that we are able to produce boutique style custom made putters, at a price point accessible to golfing enthusiasts and collectors alike. Having options ranging from entry level basic putter designs coming in at a competitive price with the big manufacturers, all the way to the elaborate, entirely custom works of art made entirely from scratch. We believe there’s a putter out there suited for every golfer that can change the way they play each and every round. It all comes down to giving someone something they can put down behind the ball that will instill confidence and allow them to perform at their highest personal level.

OLSON MFG. – Providing your accessible outlet to a custom putter designed entirely for you.




SGC Putters Logo

Brand Name: SGC Putters

Established: 2013

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia

Product Specialties: SGC Putters is a boutique putter company specializing in custom putters, refinishing, modification, and accessories.

Website: sgcputters.com

Hashtag: #sgcputters

Social: Instagram: @sgcputters/ Twitter: @sgcputters / Facebook: https://facebook.com/sgcputters/

About: SGC Putters is a very small boutique putter company providing a wide range of services including custom putter builds, modification, stamping, refinishing and more.




FLUX Golf Logo

Brand Name: FLUX GOLF

Established: 2017

Location: Seattle, WA

Product Specialties: Performance Driven Putters and Grips: The Flux mission is to disrupt and innovate through technology and design. We create products that will reduce the number of putts for an average golfer and improve their game. Flux Golf’s tour relevant designs, tailored options and best in class performance enables us to provide widespread access to a proven superior putting experience.

Website: fluxgolf.com

Hashtag: #fluxgolf

Social: Instagram: @flux.golf

About: Over 40 USGA conforming putters launched under our belt and blessed by working with the top players in the sport. Our pursuit for performance is never quenched. John Bergquist is our founder. He has been studying the nuances of putter / insert design for the past 12 years. His putters have 4 victories on the PGA and Champions Tours + dozens of top-tens across all global tours.




carbon putters logo

Brand Name: Carbon Putters

Established: 2014

Location: Centennial, Colorado

Product Specialties: Manufacturer of single piece CNC milled custom putters

Website: Carbonputters.com

Social: Instagram: @Carbonputters / Twitter: @Carbonputters / Facebook: Carbonputters

About: Carbon Putters manufactures high quality one-piece steel putters in their shop located in Centennial, a suburb south of Denver, Colorado. They are CNC milled from blocks of raw carbon and/or German 303 stainless steel and are also assembled in their shop. The level of customization of putters from model, feel, looks, and performance offered to customers is simply not matched in the industry.




Kingston Putters Logo

Brand Name: Kingston Putters

Established: 2013

Location: Chicago, IL

Product Specialties: Kingston Putters offers the ability for our clients to customize tour quality putters made of the finest materials with industry-leading techniques.

Website: kingstonputters.com

Hashtag: #kingstonputters

Social: Instagram: @kingstonputters / Twitter: @kingstonputters / Facebook: Kingstonputters

About: Kingston Putters identified in 2013 the need in the custom putter market to use the same techniques and materials that produce tour-quality putters at a fraction of the cost of big-name manufacturers. We were inspired by two timeless designs and made them our own, all while offering the ability for our clients to customize materials, stampings and finishes just like a tour pro would. We walk through the entire process with the customer from the time the putter is ordered until it is delivered with direct communication, progress photos. Our direct collaboration ensures our client received exactly what they have always envisioned in a custom putter.




Nead Custom Putters – www.neadcustomputters.com/




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