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Sunfish Sales Logo

Brand Name: Sunfish

Established: 2011

Location: Nashville, TN

Product Specialties: We specialize in extremely custom one-of-a-kind golf headcovers and accessories.


Hashtag: #sunfishgolf

Social: Instagram @SunfishGolf / Twitter: @SunfishGolf/ Facebook: Sunfishsales

About: Sunfish makes tons of custom golf headcovers and other accessories, for the individual golfer as well as golf pro shops and the larger volume tournament planner or host, looking for unique, high-quality, and well-priced tee prizes.





Brand: Stymie Golf Supply

Established: 2018

Location: Somerville, NJ

Product Specialties: Proud Purveyors of limited run, luxurious, handcrafted club covers and other premium golf accoutrements

Social: Twitter: @stymie_golf / Instagram: @StymieGolfSupply / Facebook: stymiegolfsupply

Hashtag: #stymiestyle





Hole 9 Design Logo

Brand Name: Hole 9 Design

Established: 2018

Location: Cedar Park, TX

Product Specialties: Artisan Golf Headcovers, Custom Headcovers, Laid Back Direct to Garment Golf Apparel, Creative Golf Products


Hashtag: #hole9design

Social: Instagram: @hole9design / Twitter: @hole9design / Facebook: @hole9design

About: Hole 9 Design is about adding some fun to your golf bag or anywhere else.  Make Collecting Fun Again we say, it starts by getting one of our covers on your sticks.  We combine our creative side take over and try and come up with the most fun covers we can.  We love to do custom work as well, being a part of making your vision come to life is worth every minute of it.




Brand Name: Golf Iconic

Established: 2013

Location: Las Cruces, NM

Product Specialties: Golf Iconic specializes in custom golf headcovers, made from high quality materials, professional embroidery, and expert craftsmanship. All of our headcovers are made from start to finish in the USA. Because we own every process this allows us to offer, no minimum order requirement.

Social: Twitter: @golficonic / Instagram: @golficonic / Facebook: None

Hashtag: #DontSettleForStock


About: Golf Iconic is one of the most reputable custom headcover manufacturing companies in the world. We are driven by our own love for the game of golf, and believe that your headcovers should match your style and your personality.

Golf Iconic owns every part of the custom headcover process. We do all the design proofs, digitizing embroidery patterns, embroidery, construction of the cover, and finally shipping. With us owning every phase, this ensures top quality, and allows us to offer, no minimum order. All of our headcovers are made from start to finish in our shop, in the USA.

We have the most custom options available on the market, if you dream it up we will do everything in our power to make your vision a reality.

Golf Iconic is easily accessible to everyday consumers, wholesale accounts, and distribution channels.




August Covers - Custom Golf Head Covers

Brand Name: August Covers Golf Co.

Established: 2014

Location: Ponte Vedra, FL

Product Specialties: Custom leather golf covers

Social:  Instagram: @augustcovers / Facebook: August Covers

Hashtag: #AugustCovers


About: Regionally sourced, locally owned, artisan headcover shop. Founded in 2014 the year our son John Augustine was born. What started out as a vision for handcrafted covers, turned into precisely that…focus on being the best cover on green grass. August Covers are handcrafted leather headcovers made from the highest quality material. Each cover is coordinated with a liner that offers a brilliant rendition of tradition, individually crafted in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Based on a core philosophy centered on better form, outstanding fit and superior function. We procure only the highest quality goods from makers in the USA.

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Yardage Book Makers

BiG Book Partners


Brand Name: Coobs Golf

Established: 2015

Location: Jupiter, FL

Product Specialties: Custom & personalizable genuine leather golf accessories

Social:  Instagram: @Coobs_Golf / Facebook: Coobs Golf

Hashtag: #CoobsGolf


About: Coobs Golf was started to deliver the average with genuine leather goods that are customizable. Golfers can design and create their own leather golf accessories, and we bring it to life! Our product line includes; headcovers, yardage books, pouches, wallets & more!


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