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Brand Name: Bender Golf

Established: 2013

Location: Illinois

Product Specialties: is the internet’s #1 source for color golf gloves. You’ll also find belts, socks, and sleeves to add color to your golf game!

Social: Twitter: @bendergloves / Instagram: @bendergloves / Facebook: BenderGloves

Hashtag: #bendergloves


About: This company was created out of a simple idea of wanting more options for our golf gear. We were tired of seeing the same white gloves with brown belts and loved the thought of wearing color that could match our shirts, hats, or pants. We figured we weren’t the only golfers who might feel this way, and so Bender Gloves was born!

We developed a idea that was aimed at golfers who were looking for gloves with some uniqueness and a bit of attitude! There simply wasn’t anything that resembled “fun” when it came to golf gloves, so we took it upon ourselves to kick it up a notch by creating our color golf glove line.



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