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JP Golf Co Logo - Bid Indie Golf

Brand Name: JP Golf

Established: 2019

Location: Sorrento Valley, CA

Product Specialties: Wedges built on the foundation of Quality, Performance, and Aesthetics.

Social: Twitter: Instagram: @jpgolfco / Facebook: @jpgolfco

Hashtag: #jpwedges

Website: (coming soon)

About your Brand: Building the highest performing wedges, with timeless design.




Brand Name: New Level Golf

Established: 2017

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Product Specialties: New Level specializes in an array of irons and wedges that look great, yet perform even better. Our products are reasonably priced, offered with an extensive array of shaft options, and come with a 30 Day Performance Guarantee.


Hashtag: #newlevelgolf

Social: Instagram: @golfnewlevel / Twitter: @golfnewlevel / Facebook: @golfnewlevel

About: As a lifelong golfer and industry professional of more than twenty years, I founded New Level because I wanted to create a product line and a way of doing business that consumers would appreciate. I refuse to cut corners in anything that I do, and I believe that it shows through the meticulous craftsmanship in each and every one of our offerings.





Corey Paul Logo - Bid Indie Golf

Brand Name: Corey Paul Functional Art Inc.

Established: 2018

Location: Rochester, NY

Product Specialties: Limited release golf clubs made from scratch via premium blank forgings.


Hashtag: #functionalart

Social: Instagram: @corey_paul_functional_art / eBay: @corey_paul_functional_art

About: Founded by industry veteran Corey Paul, CPFA aims to combine function and art within the golf equipment market. In other words, we are seeking to create artwork that has a functional purpose.

At CPFA, you won’t hear the standard pitch of “more distance!” “more forgiveness!” or “more control!” — what you will find, however, is timeless club head shapes, made from premium grade forgings, that feature the most unique, progressive, and innovative aesthetic designs in the industry.   Every Corey Paul has a story behind it, and we believe that story is just as important as the club itself!

CPFA heads are notoriously exclusive. Much like the most prolific art in the world, CPFA clubs are sold on auction and via private sale. Many designs are only ran once, never to be repeated. Additionally, Corey Paul clubs are not available in stores, and Corey does not accept custom orders. Consequently, our clients take great pride in bagging one of our sets! They are automatic conversation starters, and are sure to bring you extra attention out on the course.

To browse CPFA’s latest work, we encourage you to visit our website or Instagram!





Haywood Golf Logo

Brand Name: haywoodgolf

Established: June 2018

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Product Specialties: High quality forged wedges that can be fully customized, all at affordable pricing. We also have a slope rangefinder for under $200.


Hashtag: #haywoodgolf

Social: Instagram: @haywoodgolf / Twitter: @haywoodgolf / Facebook: haywoodgolf

About: haywoodgolf is focused on providing customers with high quality equipment and high touch customer service. Our goal as a company is to grow the game of golf and we believe that starts by being excited with whats in your bag. From fully customized forged wedges, to a slope rangefinder for $175 and more products being released soon, we strive to be a company that every golfer considers for their next purchase. We know there are lots of options out there and we appreciate every single person who connects with us to learn more about our company.




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