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Brand Name: 59 Belts

Established: 2007

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Product Specialties: 59 Specializes in creating ‘true custom’ one-off belt buckles, which are CNC milled from stainless steel and other exotic materials. Genuine Exotic belt straps are another popular line in our brand portfolio.


Hashtag: #59belts

Social: Instagram: @59Guy / Twitter: @59BeltsGuy / Facebook:

About: 59 is golfs most hallowed number. It’s synonymous with perfection, and the balance of grit, belief, and sacrifice. We launched on the LPGA Tour in 2007 with a win at the Canadian Women’s Open (Lorena Ochoa). Our goal was to create a belt buckle that would transcend fashion trends, and virtually last a lifetime. Since then we’ve made belt buckles for everyone from Fortune 500 Companies to team belts for Stanley Cup Champions (Washington Capitals 2018). Still to this day, there is nothing like a 59!

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Brand Name: Tomo Golf

Established: 2018

Location: San Diego, CA

Product Specialties: Our goal is to make the most comfortable, simple and modern golf shoe.


Hashtag: #comfortbeyondbelief

Social: Instagram: @tomogolfshoes / Twitter: none / Facebook: Tomo golf

About: TOMO is a modern golf apparel company based out of San Diego with a mission to revolutionize the way people think about, search for and buy golf apparel. Its main objective is to do business in the modern way, offering products that are consumer driven and focus on quality, comfort and aesthetics while being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. The startup’s first product to market is TOMO Vol. 1 – a fresh and modern take on the spikeless golf shoe that goes from driveway to fairway and beyond. The various features of the shoe coupled with its fair price point offer wearers value and versatility. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.




Jack Grace logo


Brand Name: Jack Grace

Established: 2016

Location: Tempe, AZ

Product Specialties: Jack Grace offers a premium golf shoe that not only is supremely comfortable, but thanks to our patent-pending interchangeable saddle allows golfers to express their personal style without breaking the bank.


Hashtag: #coolestgolfshoesever #swapyoursaddles

Social: Instagram: @jackgraceusa / Twitter: @jackgraceusa / Facebook: JackGraceUSA

About: Our founder, Bart Walker, is often heard referring to himself as the accidental entrepreneur. Since childhood, Bart has always had a passion for shoes. He is also a golfer, who, like many golfers, cared about his appearance on the golf course. And as a shoe guy, his golf shoes particularly mattered. He wanted shoes to coordinate with his clothes. He wanted shoes that would be comfortable. He wanted shoes that wouldn’t break the bank. You can imagine his frustration when he couldn’t find any cool, stylish golf shoes… anywhere. So, he decided to do something about it.

The first Jack Grace golf shoe was built on his kitchen table with his wife’s kitchen shears and a handful of old golf shoes he found at second hand stores. He spent endless nights and weekends figuring out how to create the ultimate golf shoe that fit all of his criteria. He was determined to figure it out.

After the concept of the interchangeable saddle was proven to work, Bart set out to make one pair of golf shoes for himself to wear on the course. He found a talented cobbler in a strip mall to help him with the details.

Bart shared my prototype with friends who loved the concept and encouraged him to make more. So, after quitting his banking job, taking out his 401K and with the help of industry professionals, they created the Innovator 1.0.

Bart is proud of his golf shoe. So proud, he named the company after his first two children.


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