BiG Ball Mark & Pitch Tool Partners



Brand: Coach’s Customs

Established: 2015

Location: Columbus, OH

Product Specialties: J. Orlando designs custom ball markers and pitch tools.  Fully customizable and hand stamped style that is very unique and one of a kind.  Humbled to have many Touring Pros using my pieces and looking forward to growing the brand.

Social: Instagram: @coachscustoms

Hashtag: #CoachsCustoms



Established: 2018

Location: Pendleton, SC

Product Specialties: TRUETECH GOLF specializes in custom CNC machined golf ball markers, divot repair tools and putters.

Website: (coming soon)

Hashtag: #truetechgolf

Social: Instagram: @truetech_golf

About: Here at TRUETECH GOLF we strive to produce the most high quality golfing products that your heart desires. I am a programmer/machinist turned golf enthusiast and just want to share my passion with the people! We believe in R&D and take pride in every piece that leaves our door. Im just a normal guy trying to shine my light on the industry.



Brand Name: Legend Golf

Established: 2018

Location: Sutton, Massachusetts

Product Specialties: We provide exceptional golf accessories


Hashtag: #legendgolf

Social: Instagram: @legendgolfcompany Twitter: @legendgolfco / Facebook: None

About: Legend Golf offers exceptional golf tools for the most discerning of players.  Each piece we produce is CNC machined and hand finished by machinist and golf guy Joe Legendre.




Atomic Golf Logo

Brand Name: Atomic Golf
Established: 2018
Location: Aiken SC
Product Specialties: Custom designed and limited edition ball markers, divot tools and specialty golf products
Hashtag: #atomicgolf #absolutelynuked
Social: Instagram: @atomicgolf / Twitter:none / Facebook:
I grew up in the Aiken, SC area and started playing golf at about the age of 14. I had played baseball up until that point, but when my dad bought me my first set of clubs something magical happened. I wasn’t good at first, but the game just called to me. I couldn’t get enough of it. So I tried out my freshman year of high school and actually made the team. Again, I wasn’t the best but I loved the game. As what happens with most young athletes, I worked hard at the game, but at the same time I was really hard on myself mentally. I didn’t have as much fun as I should have had playing golf as a teenager. Fast forward several years, I’m a weekend warrior. Playing golf when I get the free time. I have a full time job and an awesome family. I’m never going to play on the PGA, and that’s cool. One thing about getting older is you become a lot more realistic about life goals.

There are so many variables in the game of golf that you just can’t control, but the one thing you can control – is how much fun you have playing. Especially when you’re dropping $50 – $100 on greens fees. So that’s what Atomic Golf is about. Choosing to play the game knowing whether you shoot 73 or 103, you’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. It’s all about love of the game. So tee it high and put some nuke sauce on it.




Brand Name: Conner James Customs

Established: 2019

Location: Atlanta, GA & Nashville, TN

Product Specialties: Classic custom golf gear that specializes in personalized golf products as in Apparel, Ball Markers, and Bag Tags.


Hashtag: #CJCGolf

Social: Instagram – @CJCGOLF

About: Started in 2019 by founder Conner James Conkel who was sick and tired of same ole same ole golf gear he took matters into his own hands and created CJC Golf which creates personalized golf products that are 1 of a kind hand made in America.




CNC Creations Logo

Brand Name: CNC Creations

Established: 2018

Location: Troutman, NC

Product Specialties: Major Markers, Custom ball markers, Ball marker blanks, Divot Tools and Putter


Hashtag: #cnccreations #begreattoday

Social: Instagram: @josh.cnccreations / Twitter: @cnc_josh / Facebook: @cnccreationsshop

About: CNC Creations is a high end machine shop with a passion for golf and the golf industry. We use our 20 plus years of deign and manufacturing skills to bring you top quality fresh golf goods. Our line of products include ball markers, divot tools and putters.

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